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Wheel loader lubrication and maintenance precautions have?

Wheel loader lubrication and maintenance considerations
1, the oil must be clean, diesel must be 72 hours of precipitation; hydraulic system cleanliness must meet 18/15 (GB/T14039). Otherwise, the stem could easily lead to excessive wear and pump seizure.
2, oiling and oiling parts must be clean.
3, check the oil level must be to make the machine state.
4, front and rear axle oil filling hole injection from the left and right wheel joined to the axle housing until the oil level plug at the overflow.
5, the transmission of oiling: oil tube to the transmission oil, gearbox oil standard middle position to start the machine, and idle for 5 minutes, at any time to add oil, the oil is stable in the oil standard middle position.
6, hydraulic oil tank of fuel injection: Open the hydraulic tank cap, fuel to the fuel tank, oil tank when the oil level reaches the middle position can be marked; for the first time the hydraulic tank to the engine should start running again after 5 minutes check the oil level.
7, a variety of oil may not mix, alternative, otherwise it will result in failure of the aging of rubber parts, parts premature wear.
8, must be specified in the procurement mighty filter, oil filter spare parts.
9, must be specified by the mighty oil product specification grades.
10, add fuel or lubricating oil should pay attention to:
No smoking, immediately wipe the spilled fuel, lubricating oil, antifreeze or cleaning fluid. Tighten the fuel tank, sump, add antifreeze box cover.
Filling in a well ventilated place fuel, oil, antifreeze.
11, have been working device at high pressure oil should pay attention to:
Completely prohibit the release of internal pressure before the fuel, put the oil, such as the high pressure oil leaking from the hole, hit by high-pressure spray of liquid will be the skin or eyes, so should wear protective glasses and thick gloves and use cardboard or wood check with oil leakage. If the high pressure oil damaged, seek immediate medical attention.
12, high temperature, high pressure state should pay attention to maintenance:
The machine has just stopped, the engine coolant and oil components are in the high temperature and high pressure. In this case, such as opening the lid drain, replace the filter can lead to burns or other injuries, should wait until after declining oil or water, for maintenance.
13, waste treatment
Do not waste oil into drains or rivers. The waste oil discharged into the container directly into the ban to the ground. Processing oil, fuel, filters and other hazardous materials to comply with relevant laws and regulations when.
14, the technical maintenance of the engine with the engine randomly see "Using the Maintenance Manual."
15, transmission oil replacement operation
The vehicle parked on a level place, the transmission at operating temperature drain the old oil, torque converter and radiator while the oil discharge clean. 

How to do regular maintenance wheel loader?
Regular maintenance of wheel loader
Regular maintenance is divided into: 10h,50h,125h,250h,500h,1000h,2000 h.
1. Every 10 hours: (days)
I、visual check for unusual cars, oil spills.
II、Check the hydraulic oil tank.
III、Check the light meter.
IV、Check the tire pressure and damage
2. Every 50 hours: (week)
I、Fasten the front, back, in the main transmission shaft bolts.
II、Check brake oil level afterburner control height.
III、Check the gearbox oil level.
IV、Check the emergency brake, parking brake must be adjusted as inappropriate.
V、Check the variable speed control systems, such as inappropriate is to be adjusted.
VI、hinged frame on the machine before and after the point, before, during and after the drive shaft, the swing frame, drive shaft bearings and other bearing pressure injection of butter.
VII、Check and tighten the wheel nut.
VIII、Check the tire pressure and damage, front wheels 0.35Mpa, rear 0.3Mpa (ZL30 series); front 0.4Mpa, rear 0.35Mpa (ZL40, ZL50, ZL60 series).
IX、oil door control
X、clean air filter, if necessary, replace the filter.
3. 125 hours each: (two weeks), and maintenance should be carried out every 50 hours.
I、cleaning engine cylinder head and torque converter cooler.
II、Check the battery, in the joints, a thin layer of Vaseline coated.
III、Check the hydraulic oil tank.
4. Every 250 hours: (one month), while the above maintenance should be carried out.
I、Check the wheel rim and brake disc bolt tightening torque.
II、Check the oil level before and after the bridge.
III、inspection device, before and after the frame, swing frame whether the cracks in the weld force, and whether the bolts loose.
IV、Replace engine oil (depending on oil quality and engine use the case may be).
V、transmission electro-hydraulic control, the first 250 hours must be replaced variable valve into the oil filter cartridge, if necessary, replaced with new oil, clean oil filter and transmission fluid torque converter back to the end of the oil filter and clean the gearbox Oil the bottom, cleaning gear, torque converter apparatus.
VI、For the check engine fan belts, compressors and generators belt tightness and damage.
VII、Check and adjust the foot brake and emergency brake.
VIII、drain the water inside the air bag.
5. Every 500 hours: (three months), and maintenance should be carried out above.
I、The first 500 hours must be replaced or clean hydraulic oil return filter tank (upper tank filter machine).
II、Check the transmission fluid is clean, clean transmission fluid back to the end of oil filter and oil filter torque converter must be replaced with new oil, replace the variable valve into the oil filter cartridge (electro-hydraulic control gear), and clean gearbox oil at the end.
III、fastening front and rear axles and chassis bolts.
IV、must be replaced engine oil, replace oil filter.
V、Check engine valve clearance.
VI、clean diesel fuel and oil filters.
6. Every 1000 hours: (six months), while the above maintenance should be carried out.
I、must replace the hydraulic oil return filter tank (upper tank filter machine).
II、gearbox oil must be replaced, the replacement of variable valve into the oil filter to the filter element (electro-hydraulic control gearbox), cleaning oil filters and transmission fluid torque converter back to the end of the oil filter and clean the transmission oil at the end. Cleaning gear, torque converter apparatus.
III、Replace or clean the fuel tank cap and air filter sump.
IV、Replace engine fuel filter.
V、Check the variety of thermometers, pressure gauges.
VI、Check the engine intake and exhaust manifold fastening.
VII、Check the functioning of the engine.
7. Every 2000 hours: (one year), while the above maintenance should be carried out.
I、Replace front and rear axle gear oil.
II、Replace hydraulic oil, clean tank and fuel, oil filters, check the suction tube.
III、Check the foot brake and emergency brake work, if necessary, demolition inspection Mount Sassafras film wear.
IV、Check the brake cleaning device seals and springs afterburner, the replacement of brake fluid, check the brake sensitivity. By measuring the amount of natural subsidence cylinder, check valve and cylinder seal distribution.
V、Check the steering system flexibility.

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