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Wheel Loader
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wheel loader zl20

Wheel Loader ZL20 Specification
Basic Parameters Type Front Loader
Rated Load 2000kg
Drive ways 4wd
Dump height 3100mm
Log fork patulous height 1300mm
Tire size 16/70-20
Operating weight 5800kg
Transmission automatic
Min. ground clearance 310
Wheel base 2150
Tread 1440
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 5910 ×1910×2810mm
Model YTR4108
Pattern Inline, water cooled, dir, inject, four strokes
Number o cylinders-internal diameter* strokes 4-100×115
Max. torsion 206Nm
Rated power  60KW
Min. fuel consuming rate 221g/kw.h(243g/kw.h)
Specified rotational speed 2400r/min
Gear box separated from torque converter
Model of torque device  YJ280
Pattern 3-element,single stage
Pattern of gearboxes  
full-power shift, countershaft type
Number of gear shift 4 forward,2 reverse
Max. travel speed 24km/h
Main reducer type  
arc taper gear, moderation of first grade
Pattern of wheel side moderation   
planed gear moderation of single
Tyre size  16/70-20
Front tyre pressure 220Kpa
Rear tyre pressure 180Kpa
Steering system Pattern B225-250
Steering angle(each direction) ±35
Min. turning radius(outside of bucket) 4239mm
Working hydraulic system Valve distributing working ZL20E-04T.QW
Working pumps CBG2063
Brake system  
air assisted oil type four wheel brake
Parking brake  
Soft axle control, outside bunch drum type
Fuel capacity 80L
Pressure of working hydraulic system 160Kgf/cm2

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